Our Facilities

Lovely building with a great set-up, fantastic resources and most importantly a brilliant team. My son and my daughter have both attended and have thrived during their time here. I can highly recommend it!

– Philippa

Number 9 The Nursery is situated in leafy South Croydon in the residential area of South Park Hill Road. Our large victorian house has a beautiful garden for the children to explore.

We have a forecourt for you to drive onto and park to safely drop off and collect your child.

Number 9 The Nursery is close to public transport, we are on the bus route of the 64 and 433 and are walking distance from both South and East Croydon train stations.

Baby Room

Our Baby Room is dedicated to the exclusive care of babies from 3 months to 18 months of age.

The beautifully designed room has been created with a calm and homely interior.
We have an extensive range of toys and equipment to encourage your baby’s development and daily activities such as messy play, music time, holistic play and sensory play. We are delighted that the Baby Floor always remains the perfect temperature with our installed aircon units.

The babies have their own designated outdoor garden which allows them to be safe with a range of toys suitable for their age, the garden is used daily providing the weather is suitable.

Rainforest Room
The Rainforest Room has been creatively designed for children aged 1 Year to 24 months. This room also has an installed aircon unit.

It has safe, eye-catching equipment which benefits the toddlers as they become more mobile and inquisitive in exploring their surroundings.

During the toddler’s time in this room they learn to walk, talk and begin to feed themselves. Our room is fully equipped to support these huge development goals and to encourage their new found independence.

Activities are well planned to aid development and the children can enjoy the use of the baby garden and also some areas which are age appropriate in the large garden.

Baby Art Room

baby paintingThe Baby Art Room has been created to give uninterrupted opportunities for messy and creative play.

In this room, even our youngest children can freely explore a wide range of child-safe resources and get creative and messy whilst learning a range of skills.

It is lovely to introduce young babies to different art materials and watch the joy and wonder whilst they are mushing and splattering paint.

Pre-School Floor
From the age of 24 months the children have the full use of our ground floor, which has four wonderful rooms opening out to a large, safe playground, all designed to support different learning areas of the EYFS.

The children are spilt into two age groups: 2-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds (Pre-School).

Activities will be planned for the children in each room, to meet their different stages of development.

Pink Room
puzzle-roomThe Pink Room is designed to support the learning areas ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘Literacy’.

Children can explore an area in an environment rich with specific equipment to support their learning. Focused activities will also be planned and take place in this room to extend and support the children’s understanding.

2 Year Old Room
puzzle-roomIn the Garden Room there is a designated area for focused activities where children learn Jolly Phonics and begin their journey on the Oxford Tree Reading Scheme.

We also have a large fish tank with tropical fish for the children to enjoy watching and taking care of.

Art Room

puzzle-roomOur wonderful Art Studio is the perfect place for children to learn to be creative with a wide range of media. This room supports ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ and enables children to experience getting ‘messy’ in a designated area.

The art studio is a great way for children to explore and communicate their thoughts through art. It can help develop confidence, which supports the ‘Personal, Social and Emotional’ development of your child.

Discovery Room
puzzle-roomOur ever-changing themed discovery room is an excellent place for your child to engage in role play, which supports the EYFS development areas ‘Personal, Social and Emotional’, ‘Communication and Language’; and ‘Understanding the World and Literacy’.

In our Discovery Room we have a wide range of resources such as dressing-up clothes and Small World role play. Every term we change the theme of our role play area to something different to interest and engage the children.

Our Discovery Room supports children in their need to develop their imagination of the world around them.

Sensory Room
puzzle-roomAt Number 9 The Nursery we have created a sensory room for the children to enjoy and relax in. It has been created with our under 2s particularly in mind, but all children can benefit from spending time there.

This is a magical place where babies and toddlers alike can enter a little world filled with soothing sounds, moving colours and shapes, light tubes, ball pits, images created by disco balls, and walls covered in adventure where you can touch, feel and explore a myriad of senses. Our projector plays songs and nursery rhymes and children can also play with our colour-changing bubble tube.

The sensory room is also a place that offers comfort and on the rare occasion where someone has a sad day or if sometimes they just need to get away and relax somewhere quiet and peaceful with a book, away from the energy of the main nursery.

The benefits of sensory play are well known. They provide an oasis of relaxation which is vital for children’s emotional health and well being, a place where they can rest and become interested in their environment. Some will simply lie down and enjoy the magic while others will engage in the more interactive areas.

These experiences also provide a range of benefits for children with special needs, encouraging hand and eye coordination, and the development of social and language skills. An overactive child or distressed child can be comforted and calmed, an inactive child become engaged. Sensory rooms are particularly useful for teaching about colours and sounds and can promote interest in the world around them.

Outdoor Garden
puzzle-roomWe are extremely proud of our garden, we are lucky to have such a large area for the children to explore and support their ‘Physical Development’.

Our outdoor garden has a beautiful sensory area, where children can explore the natural colours and smells of flowers and herbs that have been carefully chosen with safety in mind.

We have a large sand area for children to create and explore. We change the resources regularly, sometimes it is a dinosaur dig, sometimes the children can hunt for treasure.

For those who enjoy scooters, bikes and cars we have a creative track which can fuel their imagination and encourage balance.

We have a soft grassed area with tunnels and slides. We also use this area as a classroom and bring resources outside for outdoor learning activities.