Curriculum & Activities

“Absolutely fantastic nursery and preschool. My children love it here and have had so many experiences that they couldn’t have got anywhere else. The staff care a lot about the children and go to great lengths to ensure that they are learning, engaged and well looked after.”

– James

Early Years Foundation Stage

​At Number 9 The Nursery our curriculum is based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is set by the Department for Education (DFE).

The Early Years Foundation Stage framework is reflected in our practice within an environment that ensures children experience a variety of rich play experiences which are carefully planned.

We encourage children to reach their full potential whilst allowing them to develop at their own pace. Each child’s development is closely monitored and encouraged.

Working with parents

​Our relationship with parents is a key element to our success, and is essential to the well-being, development and progress of your child during their time at Number 9 The Nursery.

We encourage two-way communication by ensuring staff are available on arrival for you to pass on any important information you need to tell us. Staff will also be on hand to discuss any queries you may have. You can also email the office with any updates, or to discuss any aspect of your child’s care.

Extra Activities

​Number 9 is proud to offer a range of additional activities for children at no extra cost to parents! We are the only nursery in the area to offer Babyballet lessons. Children can also take part in Sing and Sign, Pro-Stars and French classes.

Throughout the year children can also enjoy farm and animal visits – we’ve had ponies, reptiles, owls and even reindeers!

Sing & Sign

We are proud to offer Sing and Sign at our Nursery.

Sing and Sign is used throughout the nursery and is a wonderful way to develop communication and boost children’s self esteem.

At Number 9 The Nursery our practitioners teach signs through songs, which is extremely fun for young children.

We hold regular Sing and Sign parent workshops, where we teach you some key signs that we use within the nursery so you can use them at home with your child.

For more information please contact us.


We are delighted to be the only nursery in Surrey to be offering Baby Ballet classes weekly.

Baby Ballet is a fun, award-winning pre-school dance concept for girls and boys.

Baby Ballet dance classes allow babies, toddlers and young children to enjoy the physical and social benefits of ballet, song and dance in a safe, caring, positive and informal environment.

With a real focus on learning through play, the unique Baby Ballet syllabus offers four key stages of ballet where every child can build their confidence and social skills, learning manners, discipline and respect while developing their basic ballet technique, coordination, musicality, balance, posture and rhythm.

For more information please contact us.

Pro Stars

We are delighted to offer our children at Number 9 The Nursery weekly fun and games sessions with Pro Stars.

Pro Stars introduce P.E and games to small children and engage them in fun activities

There are huge benefits to playing sports and games as it enables children to develop spatial awareness, coordination and gross motor skills. These are very important for a child’s physical development.

Sports and games also supports children in building confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

We believe encouraging children to participate in sports and games helps them to keep healthy and learn about how their body works.

For more information please contact us.


Phonics is a method of teaching reading by matching sounds to letters.

We actively help Pre-School children to develop their listening skills before introducing them to sounds.

Before children can read, they need to learn to:

  • Say the sound that is represented by each letter
  • Sound out words, i.e. C-A-T or D-O-G

At Number 9, we keep this easy by only teaching the first set of sounds and by using Read Write Inc Phonics, which is a scheme used by many of the local schools that our children will be joining.


Our teacher Wilhelmine from Petit Rendezvous runs French sessions for our Pre-Schoolers!

During the sessions we:

  • Explore a wide range of topics and ideas to keep them entertained from week to week
  • Aim for each child to understand and memorise new vocabulary
  • Learn exciting stories, action songs, and through fun activities
  • Familiarise their ears to the sounds of the French language

Wilhelmine’s objective is to provide a fun and positive experience and to put in place foundations for their future learning
of French and/or other languages.

Home Reading Library

We have a large variety of children’s reading books for you to borrow and share at home to motivate and encourage every child to read for pleasure.

Our books are for children of all ages. We have picture books, books with few words, books for sharing and books with different languages.

Through hearing stories children are exposed to a wide range of words. This helps them to build their own vocabulary and improve their understanding.

Reading is a life skill which enriches young children’s imagination and needs to be nurtured so that books can be used to develop a love and pleasure of reading.


At Number 9 The Nursery we use a system called eyLog to record each child’s progress.

This wonderful program enables us to regularly send you pictures and updates of your child’s development to your eyParent app. It also has a daily diary to keep you informed of all of your child’s needs during their day at nursery.

There is also an option to share your child’s achievements at home by uploading photos, videos and commentary to share with your child’s key worker.